Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Experiment #1(O)3: The Emotional Torture

They tore me
They burned my innocence
They grew my arrogance
They catalyzed my envy
They hurt my pride
They lit my expectations
They spit on our relationships

They tried to control me
They laughed my kindness away
They cooked my identity
They ignored my face
Even though, at the end,
They branded me bad

They are not strangers
They are the ones I trusted the most
They are the closest ones
But, when they tortured me further
My patience bled
I ordered my conscience to
Balance my disturbed stoop

I promised to wash the impure blood
And take positive air inside
Conceal the idea of taking revenge
The hands of alliance came forth
To make a new beginning
And that was the way it was
And this was the way I was.

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