Friday, August 31, 2012

Songr | Review

Now-a-days music lovers have a bunch of options to download music tracks/albums via p2p sites, sharing sites, hosting sites and a lot more. For a newbie, it would be hard to search over and find such direct-linking sites. Even though, if someone has a list and access to a number of such hosting and sharing sites, they would have to go through a longgg time-consuming hectic process which may include clicking through endless URLs, skipping ads, passing CAPTCHAs and other unnecessary steps in order to get their download started. Shouldn’t be there one stop portal for searching, streaming and downloading music tracks/albums at once, for all?

Well, there is a solution: Songr! - Freeware desktop client used to search, stream and download music. Songr does not index nor host any mp3 files; it only searches the string entered in various search engines and returns results. Created by Andrea Martinelli, it is available in more than 27 languages, Songr works on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac.

"Searching and downloading your favorite tracks was never this easy!"

With its simple, minimalistic interface and an integrated search box, you can search for your favorite tracks from 16 different third party mp3 search engines. Search for single tracks, artists, full albums (in ZIP/RAR formats) or even get the best result automatically and it’s easy to filter your results according to needs using Intelligent Sorting (displays high quality mp3s on the top of the list).

Songr 2 Preview

Artist Search: Playing Summmer of '69 by Bryan Adams in Songr 2. Songr loads the artist information instantly.

Songr 1.9 Stable Artist Search Interface

Songr 1.9 Track Search: Searching for One Republic's Good Life. You can either Play, Preview or Download tracks

Songr 1.9 Album Search: Searched for Linkin Park's Living Things album. Here's a list of download links and track listing

Searching through "Artist" displays information from Wikipedia about the artist searched along with a media player of the artist's songs. Plus, it also searches songs by their lyrics (powered by Bing). So, don’t get amazed while discovering music by typing some words in the Search by Lyrics panel and get an audio preview (powered by Amazon) instantly. You can also play music stored in your local hard drive! And, when you do that, Songr automatically loads the artist information and the lyrics – just like that.

Songr 1.9 Search by Lyrics: Searched for Adele - Rolling in the Deep through lyrics

Lyrics shown while playing music in Songr 2

One can also switch to Songr 2 Preview, which was launched on 31st October 2012. It has a new clean interface (still simple and minimal in nature) and fluid navigation for discovering new music and updates separately from the current stable version.

And just think how cool it would be if you could not only download YouTube videos but also extract audio files? Yes! Songr lets you do that. You can download HD YouTube Videos and can even extract/convert mp3 out of them. It also includes automatic conversion of results to direct links to listen straightaway in Windows Media Player. Though downloads cannot be paused, users can preview songs before downloading.

Download YouTube videos directly or extract mp3 file

In addition to all this, Songr gives you an option to buy music from popular online stores like Amazon, eMusic, Rhapsody and Zune.

Songr is more useful to non-torrent users who don’t have access to p2p sites/applications or to those who waste thousands of minutes searching for tracks all over the net. Hence, at the end of the day, the only thing that comes to mind for Songr is: Get hassle free music directly to hard drive without any mindboggling ads or restrictions!

You can download Songr from here.

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