Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Tasty Holiday

At last my holidays are over. I have stayed almost three months at home this time and enjoyed a lot. It's time to head back - this will be my final year under graduation.

During the last few weeks I was outing a lot and eating a lot. :D But, there were two food items I consumed on a regular basis, Bihari Momo (there's a reason why I call it Bihari) and Litti Chokha - I just love them.

This would be my last post from Patna and today, I would like to share my eating experience with you and give a quick intro of Litti Chokha and we will talk about Bihari Momo some other time.

Litti Chokha is one of the most famous food found in Bihar. Basically, Litti is atta (flour) dough balls filled with sattu (dry powder mixture of ground pulses and cereals which itself originated in Bihar) and eaten with Chokha which is mashed potato mixed with baigan ka bharta (roasted brinjal). Many also prefer dhaniya (cilantro) chutnis. The Litti is dipped in butter or ghee.

We visited one of the best shop we knew in Patna, near Hariniwas besides Maurya Lok. As per our taste,

Manoj Litti Bhandar makes the most mouth-watering and finger-licking Litti Chokha in town. You can find in a plate, two pieces of Litti dipped in ghee, Chokha, salad, and some chutni which we finished every bit of.

It was damn tasty and belly filling. If you ever visit Patna, do come here and taste the shaan of Bihar.

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