Saturday, October 15, 2016

For the love of nature, 25Lamp by Kovac Family will help develop sustainable light

From using certified eco-friendly paper, tote bags to organic coffee, Kovac Family is well known for incorporating green solutions in everything they do to help conserve energy and contribute towards lesser CO2 emissions. Sustainability being the core motive, the Swedish folks have come up with a new product this time. It’s called 25Lamp.

You might wonder why such a name? Because 25Lamp is part of a collection called Numbers where all products are named after the number of parts used in making them.

Made up of 25 pieces of locally produced and handmade FSC certified sustainable wood, 25Lamp is a flat-packed lamp with armadillo shell like design. The elegant structure gives a warm and gentle glow that is bound to make you look twice.

The flat packed lamp is easy to transport, assemble and disassemble. It measures 30cm in height and 23cm in width when unfolded completely.

Available in different materials, Oak, Ash and Birch, the lamp also comes in different styles and colors, Whitened, Freckles, Ebonized, Striped and Blueberry – either linseed waxed or unwaxed. Price ranges from 215 to 323 euros and you can get yours here.

On top of this, good thing is that you get to choose between wall and ceiling plug with your purchase and the bundle ships with a 2.5m - 3m textile cord (beige or white in color) which can be extended up to 5m upon request. The lamp cord needs to be dissembled when recycling as it is made of plastic, cooper and textile.

Their commitment towards improving everyday life and the environment is seen from the fact that entire revenue generated from 25Lamp will be used to support and fund Kovac Family’s own ambitious research project on sustainable light.

Believing that nature’s well-adapted strategies can teach us to create more sustainable human approach to lighting, their Biomimetic Light Project aims at producing light in a wallpaper thin, flexible material using a biomimetic method – which means light is generated completely from nature without electricity.

The idea comes by studying nature and realizing that for so many years, life organisms like marine sponges, beetles, and tropical butterflies have been producing light naturally, economically and efficiently.

Using biomimicry, this project is a great step towards inspiring the world to create more sustainable systems and making us conscious about the impact we can have on mother nature by reducing CO2 emissions and costs.

About Kovac Family:

Founded in 2012 by Camilla Kovac, Kovac Family is a multidisciplinary studio from Stockholm that design and create products using eco-friendly materials and methods with as minimum impact on the environment as possible.

To know more about Biomimetic Light Project, visit their website.

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