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"Writing is like shitting. You dump whatever is inside you."

Someone rightly said it. And hence, this site solely serves me as my personal online journal or blog. I post here about whatever interests me and what I like to dump into the outer space.

My name is Shaleen Sinha and I am 20 years old. I am the creator and writer here. Read more about me.

Thoughts hit our mind with flashing speeds, often within a few hundred milliseconds. And, sometimes before you could even count to three: 3, 2, 1 and phush! That's how I came about the title: Thoughts in Three. Talking about the feel, design and layout, I kept it very minimal in style to let readers focus more on content rather than on unnecessary stuff and green is one of my favorite colors. Read more about the template.

My works mainly include articles: issue related or on any random topic, poems, how-tos, reviews, tech related articles, social issues and sometimes I even do photo-posts. You will find a variety of topics here ranging from apple to zombies but I would mostly like to focus on minimalism, simplicity, removing clutter, lesser distraction, focus, inspiration, do the work you love, enjoying the present, little travel stories, lessons I learn everyday, the joys of the universe and my journey into this world.

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