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Let Me Know
Android App
Did a complete re-design of Let Me Know's Android App. Let Me Know is a unique portal that helps students across India find opportunities of various kinds.
Equal white spacing and solid colors gives the interface an aesthetic look - more pleasing to eye than before. More quick options make it easy to take contextual actions without closing or switching app. And, relevant icons to quickly grasp critical information. Take a look.

Sachin Tendulkar
The God of Cricket
Media Releases
Wondered what it would be like to have Sachin's autobiography book published? How would it look like? Or if the complete DVD footage of Sachin's last test match released?
I tried my hands at it: Sachin's autobiography book cover. DVD of his last match with complete footage, behind the scenes and exclusive interviews. And, a movie poster. Have a look.

Thoughts in Three
Photo Post Series
Starting a Photo Post Series under the banner of Thoughts in Three - featuring
my works and collaborating with a world wide community of amazing photographers. Find out more.

Today, almost everybody has a mobile phone. We use it to make calls, text people, click photos, make videos, listen to music, play games, surf the internet, connect socially and what not! In fact, it has become an indispensable tool. Without it, life seems worthless.
So, in Mobile Handset Usage (MHU) 2012-2013, we asked mobile phone users about their handset usage and behaviour. How often are they using their mobile phones? What they use it for? How much addicted they are?
But, the main question is can they really live a day without their mobile phone? Find out here.
Developed father's personal website:, with my brother, Sankalp. Dad is a writer and he basically needed an online platform to showcase his writings and works while reaching out to people. The website he wanted was clean, simple and effective.
The result was a fusion of design between Sankalp’s website and mine – a website having simple and minimal layout. Here's how we did it.

Art of
The Muses
Art of The Muses is an open Facebook group to share the best of latest or oldest soul-touching music in one common place. Come join us. See what we're playing.


Thanks for dropping by and taking interest in what I do. I am open to opportunities and collaborations. To connect better go here or drop a message at hello at shaleensinha dot com. Would love to interact with you.

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