Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Blog 360 | How To Make Your Blog Popular

Blogging, now-a-days, has become one of the most used mediums to share ideas, thoughts and interact with the world. It is also seen as an effective and efficient SEO tool for generating traffic. Whether you are new to this sphere or have been blogging for some time now, you probably want to increase the number of visitors and attract more audience. Here are some tips below that you might find helpful:

Content x3
Foremost thing to keep in mind if you want to make your blog popular is content, content and content. Write a lot of content. Content that matters, that interests you and that comes from your heart. DONOT steal stuff. Write more regularly if possible and you will get a good traffic from search engines; it can be weekly or monthly. But remember don’t delay for long.

Design and Feel
Design doesn’t matter much if your blog have good quality content. People will certainly visit more often. But it helps gain some popularity if the design is appealing. There are a bunch of blogs and websites that routinely publish a list of creative, unique, beautiful and striking layouts. If your blog appears on these lists your blog catch many eyes. Also, you should take care that your blog design is user-friendly, clutter-free and the content is easily accessible to anyone who visits it. Don’t use too much bright colors. Keep it clean and simple.

What is written
Pay attention to what you type into the editor box. Use good sized readable fonts. Read thrice what you have written and check for grammatical mistakes and errors. Most people forget to give space between the letters and even add paragraphs. Don’t forget to use proper semantic. Avoid using slangs and sms-language; your site may have an international audience and this can create a bad image.

Topic is the heart of blog
The topic matters more than anything. Pick topics that you are interested in to begin with. Whatever you write, write it from your heart. Focus on a subject area that you know well. Tell stories out of your posts. Share experiences and lessons you learned. Type well balanced, thought provoking matter. Additionally, add humor in between to your writings; helps ease your reader’s mood and they could stick a little bit longer.

Create a loop
Add links, lots of links to your posts and blogs that redirect reader to your site. This way you can engage your reader. This is helpful for the readers as well, in case they miss something worthwhile out which they might be looking for. If the reader likes your writing and blog he/she may probably look for more quality content to read. And you are happening to redirect them to it. End of the day, share it on social networks.

Create an online profile. Interact and socialize on other blogs and online forums as much as possible because it not only gets you lots of incoming links and establishes you as an author in online community adding to your credibility. Contribute to the ongoing discussions and if you feel that you have nothing constructive to say then be silent and observe.

Use the sphere
Submit your blog to different blog directories in appropriate category. If you submit any blog to blog directories, you should mention about the blog directory in your blog. More visitors visit the directory more visitors visit your blog.

The SEO aspect
SEO (search engine optimization) of your blog matters a lot. It means making your blog search-engine-crawler-friendly without hiccups and obstructions. The search engines indexes content submit urls to your blog posts or sitemaps. Formulate your blog posts in such a manner that most content is easily accessible to the search engine crawlers as early as possible, for the right keywords and while highlighting your keywords wherever necessary. Crawlers index according to the semantic structure. So, organize the content of your blog posts using headings and subheadings, lists, and links, wherever needed. The more creatively you center your content around your main keywords and important expressions, the better ranking you achieve for individual blog posts.
Here is a great online SEO tool:

Talk to your readers
If someone takes the time to read your blog and leave comments, spare few seconds and at least say thank you. Make your readers feel like they matter to you and they will be more inclined to come back, and more inclined to tell their friends about you and your blog.

And some important points…
Summarize. Be concise and clear. Make your posts accessible and easy to read. Socialize and interact with the blogosphere. Market your blog.  Have patience because a blog takes time to become popular. At last, don’t run or die to make your blog famous; good things can’t remain hidden for long. If your blog have great quality content, it will be seen, sooner or later.

I hope these must have helped you in many ways.

Thanks and Happy Blogging! :)

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