Thursday, December 4, 2008

Google Outruns | A Quick Watch on Google's Chrome

On September 2, 2008, web giant Google too joined the browser war and this time its ultimate weapon is the beta version of Google Chrome, a free open –source browser developed in 43 languages. But the core question which arises here is if we need more browsers while we have an array of browsers already available free on the net. Then why Google launched it? Chrome team has plunked the answer which is more than satisfying. “We did feel the need of making a streamlined simple browser with primary goals of improved security with an unbelievable speed and unparalleled stability as compared to existing browsers which was missing till now”, they stated.

Chrome is inspired by the user interface of Apple’s Safari, tabbed browsing from Firefox & IE8 and that old idea of avoiding storage of any information from sites visited, dubbed as Incognito mode. Few new transitions can also be seen such as task manager to manage memory utilization; tab bar instead of menu bar which provides you quick links to your bookmarks, recently closed tabs and sites visited in the form of thumbnails. In very near future, Chrome will be a tough product to compete with.

And it’s for sure that if you liked reading its features, then you will love to use it too for it is a damn good browser! I have been using it and can ensure that. :)

For more details click here. You can download both online and offline versions.

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