Monday, June 6, 2011

Baba Mania

From where should I start? Should it be the time when I turned the tv on and tuned into news channels saying that Baba Ramdev will take on corruption and black money? Or maybe the Sunday morning when I heard words buzzing on tv and my father screamed at me, "Wake up! Wake up. Look Baba has been accused as a law breaker.” Uhh... I am, right now, equally in a state of amusement and unhappiness. Amused seeing all these dramas taking place and also worried about the unexpected nonsense events.

I’m not here to make any political statements like our political turncoats. I’m to just share what I feel at the moment about this incident. To be very honest, no matter what happens, I will be the least concerned. And so will be every 3rd person reading this because we as a simple-middle class-beings have never considered to bother over these sensitive issues. We wish for peaceful daily routines with our elders leaving early for work, children attending the institutions and ladies looking after the house. Why should we indulge in these matters when life is running so smooth? Why should we brainstorm while others are getting hurt, hammered or crushed? Why not sit idle and enjoy till nothing happens rather than speaking aloud?

Apart from all those logical interrogations, I had not indulged my mind in the internal affairs, misunderstandings and the blames exchanged between the two sides. Neither have I cared whether Baba be termed as a thug playing political games or a poor negotiator. The only thing I see now is that how and why, government ordered a crackdown on the innocent unarmed supporters. The reasons behind are all crystal clear. Being aware of the circumstances the government could not see such a large Satyagraha where crores participated across the country demanding the Lok Pal bill to get an ordinance approval; which if drafted a bunch of names of politicians, bureaucrats, corrupt leaders and traders will be put in public domain as consequence.

No doubt the crackdown was a violation of the Fundamental Rights. There was no need to supress this movement and attack those protesting at midnight. It is a total inhuman decision to lathicharge the people at midnight where small children, women and aged were brutally assaulted. Baba’s Satyagrah wasn’t unlawful enough to impose 144 Penal Code. It shows complete intolerance on the part of the Government for a peaceful Satyagraha by arresting Ramdev without any proof. It completely makes mockery of the democracy.

Again, recalling the events, I am unable to understand why the Government had been negotiating with Ramdev if there were doubts regarding his agenda and agitation. At one level senior Cabinet Minister rolls out the red carpet for him and on another, calls him a fraud. If he is really a cheat, then why go to the airport to receive him with four ministers. And on top of that, even if the Government had a deal with Baba Ramdev earlier, there was no need for this midnight action. Thus, the main point is that why the Government was entertaining Ramdev’s demands if they thought he was a crook?

While reacting over the matters, opposition parties showed criticism and disrespect to the decisions taken. “This is not democracy. The police alone could not have taken such a step. It had the approval of the Prime Minister and full approval of the Congress President,” said Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha, Sushma Swaraj. And there were many such poll-focussed political comments made during the phase more likely to accuse the ruling party. But, surprisingly none of them supported the cause and stated it clearly that they really want the bill to be passed! Apart from all these accusations, the question prevails; why oppositions didn’t raise and address this issue when they had their time being on the ruling side instead of only condemning others? Most probably because of the fact that nobody wants to get under the radar of income tax and law abiding courses, whoever is involved in corruption, bribes or black money. Moreover, Saturday night's act confirmed that about Rs 50 lakh crores belong to the Congress and its allies.

Whereas on behalf of the accused Congress party and the Central Government, a few ministers opened their mouth, mostly were busy attending emergency meetings or falling asleep. They were not even permitted to make any statements and comments without consultation. I can’t figure out why don’t they address these communal issues with top priorities for which they have been picked as our representative?

I’d like to know from you that if making demands alike those of Baba’s is an offense. Can’t even a person being a citizen of India have his opinion and carry out a peaceful strike on national issues, which persist and eat away the socio-economic properties for more than many decades! I don’t think that the problems like corruption and black money are new threats to the society, the nation and the government.

At last I’d eagerly want to discover the whereabouts of our mute PM. Yes! We have not heard even a word from that old robot or should be called the-puppet-in-the-hands-of-‘Italy ki Beti’. How come the PM’s chair of such an enthusiastic country went to lethargic Manmohan Singh, who having tremendous powers can’t even move his eyebrows sans having a word with the Chairman of the UPA! Now he must explain and clarify on the crackdown.

One of the Cabinet Ministers, Dr. Subramaniam rightly examined that this type of satyagrahs will only highlight the problem rather than solving it. For that to happen, the entire country should stand up as one and protest against this brutal and inhuman action. Everybody must speak and boycott against the anti-social issues. Even, I am of no exception. Just writing and discussing things will not help this country. But, I can assure that if I can do anything for the sake of India, then I will. I will try to generate more ideas and solutions to the problems and as soon as I find any, I will execute it fairly with full devotion. But the question remains the same with which I started: Will YOU?