Thursday, June 23, 2011

I am the only KING

On the onset
Speak yourself
Recall your goal
Memorize yourself
Clear your vision
Aim yourself
Move along the virtuous
Guide yourself
Practice enough
Bleed yourself
Waste your sweat
Tighten yourself
Fly with Peregrine
Speed yourself

Enhance your skills
Defend yourself
Strengthen your muscle
Build yourself
Take your time
Act yourself
In thy peace of mind
Beat yourself
Wondering how!
Think yourself
See the mirror
Know yourself
Want to replace a ruler?
Claim yourself

Now, I will speak forth
Shut yourself
I am to reveal something
Listen yourself:
“You are a waste
Throw yourself
You can do nothing
Cry yourself
You will remain nil
Convince yourself
Victory is mine
Kill yourself
Since in the end
All bends to me
All hails to me
I am the KING myself!”

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