Saturday, October 12, 2013

Truth Revealed

Editor's Note: This is a guest post by my friend Siddharth Bansal.

What is "Truth"? Is it a misconception? In a way, it is! But, does it rise to a more subtle and psychological level or does it represent just a plethora of facts?

No. The "truth" does not comprise of facts alone. It is an attribute, an ability and most importantly a concept waiting to be understood. It is "acceptance". The moment we accept something, it becomes the truth to us

To explain things in a better way let's consider this example: When Charles Darwin first came up with his evolutionary theory he was almost put to death for the crime he never committed which was blasphemy (devil's worship). It was totally absurd for people to react so aggressively. But in the end it all came down to acceptance. And it always has been like this. Disagree? Pick any case, you'll find out. What you accept, becomes the truth for you.

The Resemblance

Anger is an outcome of lack of patience, which makes it a derived entity - not an independent one. Same is the case with truth. It is highly dependent, varying and an outcome of acceptance. What is true to me now may be the biggest lie of my life in near future. Truth is like time, shifting and moving as you and I breathe. While we all breathe.

Truth is the biggest lie.

So, deceivingly, truth is a misconception of the highest order. Truth is a lie well accepted. And, do not be confused between facts and the truth. Osama bin laden has been behind many mass murders, this is a fact but considering him a terrorist is again a matter of truth and acceptance. 

The truth tends to weaken us, it veils our vision. In our quest to find the truth what we actually seek is solace and term it as truth. It corrupts us. It is addicting to a point of no return.

The Application.

Magicians use this weakness of ours as their biggest weapon, they are the masters of a very specific kind of art. The art of playing with our ability to accept things. We see what they want us to see, we accept what they want us to accept which eventually turns into PoooFFF!!! Magic. The real meaning gets lost somewhere far behind amidst religions and superstitions. It all started there.

Now, do you think you accept the things I just told you? What would you say if I tell you that what I just told you, was the truth? Would you believe that?

Rise and reason because, "The truth is the biggest lie waiting to be accepted." Isn't it?

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