Monday, March 24, 2014

Let Me Know Android App Re-Design

I worked at Let Me Know in the rainy season of 2011 as a blogger. For those who don't know, Let Me Know is a unique portal that helps students across India find opportunities of various kinds. And it was fun. I learned a lot of things from a group of enthusiastic people who believe in “breaking the Information barrier”.

A year later I saw they launched their Android application for on-the-go users to search for opportunities from anywhere. It had a very basic interface - quite like when android first rolled out.

But, in today's modern world, where simplicity and minimalism is the new trend and applications are developed on contexual information delivery grounds, I thought the app needed a re-design.

So, here it is: The New Let Me Know Android App. Take a look and "let me know" your views and feedback. :)

Disclaimer: This design is just a concept. Images copyright with Shaleen Sinha.

Old LMK Android App Splash Screen

New LMK Android App Splash Screen

Old LMK Android App Home Screen

New LMK Android App Home Screen with color-coded cards

Homepage Side Drawer for more options - Stacked Sideways

Homepage Side Drawer for more options (variant 2) - Stacked on Top

Old LMK Android App Event Listing Page

New Event Listing page with upper navigation bar color-coded according to the category selected
with better & equal spacing within and around the cards, and relevant icons to quickly grasp
critical information. This is a screenshot of the 'Technology' events listing.

Similarly, upper navigation bar is color-coded with green for 'Social Sciences' events listing, (if someone opens
'Maths & Science' opportunity category listing, then the upper navigation bar will be black in color and so on..).

While listing all the opportunities, the cards are color-coded  sideways with vertical line stripes according to
the category they belong to, so that the user knows which opportunity is from which category.

Old Event Details Page

Event Details Page of the New LMK Android App. Here also, information is divided by
equally spaced lines and whitespaces and with relevant icons for quick information grasping.

In addition to all that, contextual options are included for taking quick actions without leaving the page.
Like an 'Add to Calendar ' button is included right beside the 'Timeline' information for adding the event to
your calendar application. A 'Notify Me' button will automatically remind you of the deadline a day before
via email, phone or the alarm clock application.

All these contexual buttons are included with the aim to make user experience convenient and easy,
and to integrate information right into the device's native applications like Calendar, Clock, Email etc.
'Apply Now!' had to wear a big and bold look for better visibility for the user to take quick action
and apply at the moment, right from the app without going anywhere else.

This is a variant to the Event Details Page. Contextual buttons have been shifted upwards and are merged with
the navigation bar. 'Share' button is an add-on. You can now share opportunities with your friends
via email, social networking sites, whatsapp, and lots more.

This is an another variant of the Event Details Page. Contextual buttons are completely placed within a
color-coded bar at the bottom. The color of this bar changes according to the opportunity category selected.
For example, Blue for 'Technology', Green for 'Social Sciences', Black for 'Maths & Science', and so on..

New LMK Android App Search Interface. As you search for keywords, the app will suggest
opportunities with its respective color-coded category symbol on the left so that the user
knows which opportunity belongs to which category as he searches.

© Copyright 2014 Shaleen Sinha. All rights reserved.
Images may not be copied, printed, or otherwise disseminated without express written permission.

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