Sunday, May 4, 2014

Are you lost?

Lost in the train of thoughts

Did you ever think or feel like you’re lost? Like you don’t know what to do next, where to go to, where to head now or what next you should be doing with your life, career, debts or relationship.

You are in the middle of this crowd, everything around is blurred to you, you can’t think straight, you’re getting random mixed thoughts about everything else but not of that one thing which is the cause for your worry, you have this fear inside of you of being lost (or mostly of failure) and it seems like everything around you is falling apart or will fall apart.

Yes, right. Welcome to the lost zone. I have been there too – couple of times.

Whenever I had that moment I used to think what’s happening, is it going to be like this forever?
But, I noticed every time, just after 10-15 mins, that it would go. It just passes away.

Now a days, whenever if anything bad happens or something worries me or I feel like lost, I know it will pass away. Nothing is forever. Right? It’s just a matter of time.

And, if you compare your situation before and after you were in that lost zone, you’ll find that:
  • you are more rational than before, 
  • you know what you want,
  • what you need to do, 
  • you know that one thing that you now have to focus on. 

Getting lost is good, I guess. It’s a way of finding and knowing things we really didn’t know or we thought we didn’t know - but most of the time, those things which were right in front of us the whole time but we could not see.

Ever seen a traveller saying he is lost? Actually, he is not lost. He is just on his way to find a direction (may be a new one). A new arrow sign saying yes, that’s where you should head.

That’s what life is about. Getting lost and finding a direction (not on purpose). So, the next time you think or feel like lost or really get lost, remember this:

We are never lost. We are only on our way to find a new direction. And sometimes
in life, it’s good to be lost. :)


  1. Beautifully written!

  2. Good piece of writing. It is always comforting to take the life easy. Accepting things as they are and having faith in yourself in any trying moment do wonders. After all, life is a beautiful and challenging journey. Enjoy it every moment.All the Best.