Sunday, January 18, 2009

On Wait

A fresh dawn is waiting
Waiting for me, for you, for everyone
Not to hope a glad new year
But let you face terror yet again
And waiting for terrorists
To see soft impotent India
Crying for help
Waiting for
The plantation of bombs
In bikes, buses, roads, stations
Waiting for a new born Kasab
To smash the camel’s back
And enjoy the scenery out of it
Then how the New Year be joyful?

Still waiting
To witness the immobility
Of inappropriate half-equipped personnels
Waiting to watch
How politics and bureaucrats
Fail in these delicate times
Waiting for a second time
For the human race to observe
How people panic
How India is mired in poverty
And waiting for India to learn nothing
And remain defenseless as ever
Waiting for the planet
To dub India a rotten state
For corruption sprints
Through its veins & capillaries
Then how the New Year be blissful?

Waiting for leaders
To talk away stuttering & mumbling
For nightly news to replay
Waiting for Thackeray
To play a new game with his own brothers’ blood
Waiting for a duplicate Zardari
To ascend the stage
With a house-full drama
Waiting for the foreign minister
To solicit his P.A to get ready
Few false convincing statements
To silence new-aged mob’s fury.
Then how the New Year be at ease?

Waiting for a man
Like Shivraj utter just three words
“Sorry, I resign”
Waiting for R.R.Patil confessing
Stating that these pin-prick incidents
Crop up often
Waiting for the politicians
Announce latest forms of policies
To feed their hunger of votes
And waiting for the reporters
To assist, aid the victims
While doing live telecasting
Then how the New Year be cheerful?

At last the New Year is
Waiting for us to pledge for
Fighting against those who kill the innocent
Supporting measures that ensure our safety
Waiting to
Expose corruption and incompetence
That endangers our security
And eliminate the forces which worship hate
Waiting for the world
For being united in our resolve
Till the victory is ours
The victory of humanity
Then only
We can have a Happy New Year.

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