Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Authentic Mirror

These are what I saw somewhat fewer than 15m radii around Lakshmi Complex-situated amidst of jam-packed Boring Road.

 Has the child labour been abolished completely?

The place we live in between but rarely pay attention to.

Footpath tailors!?!

This is our own Patna Sahar. Traffic sucks here; cops unfasten automobiles from every corner simultaneously, showing lack of experience and training as well. A flyover is taking shape for the last 4 years! And only seven pillars have been dispersed. Nitish's government has failed to keep his promises in a manner. Roads are being reconstructed every 2 years, what a waste of public money.
Expecting some sensible work from public officials is a crime. As mentioned above, we pictured not even 0.1% of what the hell happens out at the streets - the bigger picture is something else. I write for the right. Name is Shaleen, signing off.

*Update* Jan 27 '10

Finally, Nitish’s army is on his way to prove this post a false one. I am happy as my words going wrong. According to latest CSO figures, Bihar has the highest growth rate amongst other states. Whether be it infrastructure, security, public affairs or anything else, you name it. Nitish Kumar has decided to make Patna a clean, modern and carefree city, in other words the best one.
You remember the seven pillars mentioned earlier in the post? Yes, now-a-days more are joining them to shape a flyover. More are in the pipeline. Law and order has become more responsible, answerable and stricter than earlier. (as of Jan 2010)

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