Thursday, March 11, 2010

Being Optimistic

It might be a good thing
If you,
Shield yourself before the firm winds attack
Discourage the sunrise that darkens up the world
Imagine real vision within the bleakish fog
Uncover the beauty hidden inside ugliness
Cover your ears whenever true lies
And trash transitions
Promising to remain unchanged
And ultimately borrow time that waits

It might be a good thing
If you,
Understand the vastness of
Narrow streets across one’s heart
Invite the pain that never hurts
Try unbinding adversarial bonds with friends
And if so desperate and determined
Then bag grief full of delights

It might be a good thing
If you,
Keep faith in every doubtful decision
Destroy the creators of inhumanity
Aim to improvise from the lowest apex
To avoid repeating sinless crimes
And end up the endless end.


  1. good one, poem with depth meaning...

  2. fantabulous.....dis poem really provoked my senses.......shaleen i bow down 2 u my frnd