Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Couldn't Take It Anymore

This one was on my mind for those two months just before I was to take +2 Boards: to write all the pain, tension and frustrations, we as students undergo during those vital times. So, I wrote it while laying on the side upper berth no. 53, on my way back to Patna from Calcutta after taking WBJEE.
Here it is:

Life In a Test Tube

Late time shifts
And bulging eyes
We try hard
For the prepaid fights
Triple E, IIT gonna
Blow these minds
Help o Help!
Anybody help o help!

Negative thoughts flow
During bitter askings
Fear and pressure intensifying
With daily scoldings
They foresee failure
While memory goes fainting
Heart shouts hold it
When brain starts bursting
Help o help!
Anybody help o help!!

Do help these kids
In removing their pain
Otherwise push their lives
Forever in vain
Try to be affable
But refrain from arguments
Kill the voice of disapproval
And appraise their talents
Help o help!
Anybody help o help!!!

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