Sunday, July 24, 2011

Popularity Syndrome

Anywhere, everywhere
Anywhere I stroll
They stare me
They buzz me
They love me a lot.
To this date
They dress like me
Walk and talk like me
Even duplicate my hairstyle.

As I am twined
Every single day
Not anymore my identity
Is personal and unique.
As a consequence
I am not able to
Handle this furthermore.
I advised them to
Quit following me
But they still continue
To admire my personality,

Even more than before.
Now, I don’t know
What to do
What steps I should take
In this clogged state
However, fascinatingly
I myself began to
Love this serious fame.

Eventually I am a
Addict of my own
And it is the one
That’s killing me
Softly from inside
There’s no antidote
For this incurable disease.

And I know
That day after tomorrow
I’ll die alone
Suffocating from the smoke
Out of pure companionship blown
Wishing a goodbye to
Uncontaminated approbation
With a sadistic tone!

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