Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bhartiye Television Ke Prabhav...

I don’t know why most of the themes of my posts/stories generate either while I’m on a journey or in the bathroom; though I am not very fond of the later one. This one struck when I recalled, from my deep memories, a phone call made to my Ma: She was watching some soap on TV and paid little attention to my voice. I swear I thought of breaking that screen right away.

Apart from a deep dive into my memories, if we are to believe a few surveys available over the net, South Asians spend an average of 23 to 28 hours a week staring the 60 years aged Idiot Box. Approximately 60 percent of all Indian households own a television; over 550 channels are available in the country out of which about 155 are pay channels.

Not to mention the genres this box enfold: the reality shows, dramas especially Sans-Bahu ones, news from all the corners, sports related and a lot of shows. Ewff… the list is stretched, rather not type here. But, can anyone tell me that apart from entertaining us what else does it serve? Does it showcase anything that add to one’s personality? Does it offer some practical guidance? Are those stuffs anyhow useful to its viewers?

Unfortunately, the answer is a big NO! The Indian TV shows today have a lot of negativity and undue explicit content even in the prime time slot. The biggest markets for these Indian TV channels are the housewives who have a good amount of free time on their hands. Be aware uninformed husbands! Anyways, these serials affect many parts of the society, directly or indirectly in many ways by disrupting the positivity in a household as our indigenous housewives watch the negativity for the whole day. Also, it brings inhuman and unhealthy ideas in the minds of all the audience members as more interest is being taken in watching these serials instead of doing one's own duties.

Movie Masalas seem to be of no use, just another time pass. Producers cry for sake of the society and proclaim that they try to reduce the anti-social elements and influence people through their air-transmits. But the picture is not always the same as it suggests. Sans bahu’s kichdis and ladaiyan broadcast how ladies fight over nonsense issues and have a twist every weekend in the midst of parallel blaming games taking place continuously and uninterruptedly. Aur sabse maje ki baat to ye hai ki har dusre din ek naya beta paida ho jata hai (funny thing is that every other day, a new baby is born)! The vicious plots and plans that the negative characters and the negativity of the various misunderstanding-filled situations is so much that it knowingly or unknowingly creeps into the mind of the people who frequently watch these serials. Individuals can create a parasocial or faux relationship with characters from their favorite television shows as a way of deflecting feelings of loneliness and social deprivation. For that reason, I am not able to see the advantage of these serials at all. So, just tell me what I’ll do by taking into account the how-and-why-abouts behind a virtual relationship?

Given that we all know the fixtures, inside stories and the marketing strategies employed to increase the TRP, a few reality shows are better than the rest who really search talents and give them a platform. While taking about the stunt shows similar to Roadies and Fear Factor India, nothing a person can gain by watching the stunts and abuses. Swayamvars, Big Boss Seasons and many such shows join the same herd. Simultaneously taking about the news feeds, please someone make me understand why news channels don’t have better stories to share with the world instead of those horrible reports alike how he did that magic and how come a snake can fly! Is this of any value? I don't think so.

Perhaps, there are many educational advantages one may explore. Television can be a very powerful and effective learning tool for all if used wisely. It can be a source of guidance to the youths through Discovery Channel, NatGeo, FOX, Topper and other educational shows. It can teach the complex social aspects of communication as well. I think broadcasters should focus more on this area rather than on useless subjects. If they are willing to make available something constructive and helpful to the society rather than rubbish garbage via broadcast media, they must change their prospects, views and orientations and utilize the full potential of the IDIOT BOX.

I think my next post will be "Facebook k Prabhav..."

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  1. haha man well said all over.........nice thought..!!
    I'll seriously wait for the next facebook one..........:P