Sunday, January 8, 2012

Who Moved My Cheese | Book Review

Who Moved My Cheese? What? Is that even a book’s name! I looked at the cover and I said to myself, “NO I am not going to read this book at all! Why do I read a book with such a peculiar title! NEVER!” But, I did the opposite. Yes! I got my hands on its pages when I heard, “Read it!” my Dad and Brother exclaimed, “It’s a nice book.” So there I was, turning pages; trying to figure out what really is in there that everybody was talking about. They say it will help you anticipate changes, adapt to them and enjoy it. And so did the back cover presented with a phrase like this: Written for all ages, this story takes less than an hour to read, but its insights can last for a lifetime. In a nutshell, the book is all about getting adaptable to changes smartly.

In fact, when I decided to read the book, I was to judge how come a parable can teach you to deal with the changes you go by in your daily life. Even the critics do not understand how so many people could find it so valuable. However, if you google the reviews about Who Moved My Cheese? you can see by yourself people reporting that what they discovered in this story has improved their businesses, health, marriages and hence their social life! “The cheese story has found its way into homes, companies, schools, sports teams and almost everywhere. Its appeal is universal.” I was not going to believe it until I read it word by word.

Finally, even to my amazement, the book stood by its reviews and feedback. One really feels the change after finishing it. I did. It’s like having a new set of wear glasses on and watch opportunities, changes and life with a new perspective. The moment you are halfway reaching the last page, you will feel very light hearted as if now you know where you did the mistake. I can bet you will start associating main characters, points, with your real life situations. You will be able to recognize from your past the moments when you denied the change or accepted and moved on. You will now try more to accept the change as it arrives. And the fact you will also like it, is for the enticing illustrative images of the main lessons you ought to seek from the book along with Kenneth Blanchard, co-author of one of the other books by Dr. Spencer, The One Minute Manager, telling you the story behind the Cheese story.

Although the story is short; it is very simple revolving around four characters Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw who live in a maze and look for cheese. The Cheese in the story refers to what we want to have in life. It can be anything. Be it a job, a relationship, money, house, freedom or whatever. Each of us carries our own version of cheese and pursue because we believe it makes us happy. And the Maze represents where you spend time looking for what you want. It can be an organization, the community, etc. The spicy thing in the story is how different character reacts to the loss of their Cheese in their own way. The two mice Sniff and Scurry move on with the change as their Cheese moved/changed. Other two, Hem and Haw were Littlepeople with complex brain and emotions thought too much about the change, the reason behind it and they got so much attached to it that Hem denied the change and suffered. Then you come to know how overcoming your fear for changes can open doors for the new ones. And that’s the soul of the story. The story and language used is simple, but insightful. Dr. Spencer Johnson has himself admitted that there is nothing in the story but the way readers interpret and apply it to their own situation that gives value which will help them to move with the Cheese and find New Cheese.

So, go read this book. I don’t care whether you buy it or download a pdf version, just read it. I don’t think a book which has been the #1 bestselling business books ever since its release, selling over 24 million copies isn’t worth even a read! I am telling you again, it will change the way you behave. It will change the way you see things. It will get you ready, giving you strength to stand up the difficult changes in your life. It will tell you how to accept few changes even its hard to and move on for the better. Go. Read. It.

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