Friday, June 28, 2013


Simplicity and Minimalism. It means keeping what’s important and removing the rest. I truly believe in this and follow people like Joshua Becker, Leo Babauta, Courtney Carver who also write about the same.

Recently I launched an MSSN (short for Minimal & Simplified Social Networking) Clean-Up mission in which I removed 100+ friends from my facebook account. I unfriended people:
  • who were inactive for most of these years
  • who were not that important
  • whose presence didn't matter much
  • whose updates I didn't necessarily need to know
  • who sent me virtual invitations
  • who shared crap
  • whom I didn't actually liked/loved
  • who were not creative
  • who were not productive
  • who were not making an impact on my life

Really. What would I do by knowing what the hell others are doing with their lives – what they are eating, where they are at, check their ridiculous photos (which I won’t personally like from heart so I won’t be able to honestly appreciate it) and that too especially from those who didn't matter much? Instead why not focus on my own life and try making the best of it? Makes sense, sounds considerable and seems the right thing to do. Isn't it?

But you may ask what its benefits are. These are the few advantages of MSSN:
  • Mindful Space: After I accomplished my mission, I found more mindful space across my social network – surrounded by more like-minded, creative, energetic, curious people. And my decision didn't bother those I deleted at the first place. They either never got to know or even if they did, they didn't mind/care and never messaged me back asking why.
  • More Time: Earlier I used to devote waste my time on updates from people I cared less about, who didn't add much into how I am, what I am, what I can learn and what I can become. Now, I have more time for the things I love to do for the unnecessary stream of information is gone. I have more time to invest on myself and spend with my loved ones. I saved more than half an hour each day!
  • Peace of Mind: Now I can care less about stuff that I don’t need or want to see in my news feed that could distract me from my goals and affect my life in any manner (mentally or emotionally).
  • Increased Productivity: I can redirect more of my extra time, energy and resources (freed from those who were stealing it gradually) to something real and good. All this has indeed contributed to my productivity, even if a little.
  • Abundant Energy: Things that are not necessary consume a lot of your energy. And they sucked mine too. With energy, money is complemented. I had to pay electricity bill, internet bill for checking things which didn't matter or which I didn't want! That might be a minute loss if considered comparatively. Still, money saved is money earned.
  • Meaningful Relationships: I strictly do not add people I don’t know outside facebook however in few cases exceptions are made. Obviously there is a fixed place for family members, friends and co-workers. But, at the end of the day it’s about making genuine connections – honest ones. It’s about keeping what is important, what is necessary. And wiping out the rest.

I am not completely anti with the huge presence of social networks on the internet today. In fact, apart from spoiling your time and sucking your valuable energy and resources, social networking sites are still great tools to be in touch with each other – your relatives, friends, co-workers. They can be a platform where you or your business can grow, if you let them.

And am sure few of you reading this must have already cleaned up your list, some thought of it and many never did. It’s time.